About Lu Lucy Designs - Chapter 1

Paper Lanterns and Space Ships

Lucy Lu has always been a creative soul. From making paper lanterns and space ships out of egg boxes as a little girl, Lucy went on to study Art at college and Fine Art at University.

About Lu Lucy Designs - Chapter 2

Handbags and Paint Brushes

One poor student Christmas, Lucy decided to try and make some extra money to buy handbags, shoes, paint brushes and canvas. It was then that the very first Lucy Lu range was born and Lucy sold the cards in a tiny boutique next to the University.

About Lu Lucy Designs - Chapter 3

Oooooh I Do Love The Colour!

People of all ages loved the Lucy Lu cards! One day whilst enduring yet another painful visit to an Art Gallery, Lucy decided to create another card range which she named “Arty Farty Cards.” This was an innovative and cheeky range which ‘poked fun’ at those people who took ‘Art’ just a bit too seriously. “Arty Farty Cards” sold out in the local Art Gallery!

About Lu Lucy Designs - Chapter 4

Packed It – Sticked It – Licked It!

After creating and selling two successful ranges, Lucy Lu decided to go for the big dream and sent samples of Lucy Lu Designs out into the world. Lucy sent samples to all the major greetings card retailers in the UK. This involved a lot of packing, sticking and licking!

About Lu Lucy Designs - Chapter 5

The Day The World Changed!

After six months with no reply Lucy Lu was almost lost and forgotten…. until….. whilst on holiday in Turkey, Lucy received an email which changed her life! The biggest card retailer in the UK wanted to stock Lucy Lu Designs! Lucy jumped up and down and ‘whooooped’ a lot that day!

About Lu Lucy Designs - Chapter 6

Oh Yeah! I’ve seen them!

Lucy Lu Designs are now sold in over 400 stores across the UK, ever increasing in popularity. Have a look on this website and pick your fave! Happy shopping!

About Lu Lucy Designs - Chapter 7

Thank You Very Much!

Now Lucy is settled in the big city of London where she sits in a small, cozy cafe doodling new designs. Lucy is currently developing even more new concepts and has big plans for the future. Lucy will never forget how it all started and how lucky she is to have a job which she absolutely adores!